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Top performance with low pressure

Named after the world-famous Austrian inventor Victor Kaplan, this is a low-pressure turbine offering extremely high efficiency. Due to its method of operation, this water turbine is ideally suited for power plants with large quantities of water.



  • Low pressure – enormous efficiency
  • Up to 10 MW and heads up to 40 m
  • Ideal for large water volumes
  • High-tech in shaft, tube, Z and S turbines
  • Fish-friendly
  • Individual and adaptable

Maximum hydropower

In order for the rotational energy of the works water to be reduced to a minimum in the draft tube, an ideal relationship is established between the angles of inflow of the guide vanes and rotor blades over the entire impingement area for the water flow. For individual adaptation to the respective power plant, Geppert offers different options for these systems: as open-flume, bulb, Z or S turbines. They are available in a horizontal or vertical design with three to six blades – depending on which approach will ensure optimum utilization of the hydropower. A special feature of the Kaplan turbine is that the submersible generator and the impeller are mounted on a common shaft. Directly coupled permanent-magnet or asynchronous generators are used, allowing a compact design and eliminating the need for a gearbox and belt drive.